One Day

We begin the day @ 10am and go through 5pm. We feed you breakfast, lunch and snacks too!

100+ Participants

We have 2 tracks: one for youth, and the other for educators, parents and caregivers. Our work reaches young women directly and indirectly.

Over 20 Workshops

Choose your own adventure! Workshops are diverse, yet fit into a theme. But hurry, once a workshop is full, that's it!

This year's Sisterhood Summit, Treat Yo' Self: Healthy, Whole and Free Black Girls, is on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 10am to 6pm in Lower Manhattan!

Sisterhood Summit Submissions Are Closed

August 16, 2014 1 note Reblog

We have over 40 submissions this year! Some of y’all are so super awesome that you submitted twice! We’ll be pouring over the entries and folks will be notified at the end of August.

Registration is open, and by the looks of these submissions, this year is going to be the best yet.

Follow our Summit site for deets and register here.

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All Our Thanks!

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We’ve been busy with post-summit wrap-ups and email thank you’s, but haven’t thanked those of you who read, reblog, forward and spread the word about the Summit — you our valuable followers here on Tumblr!

Thank you so much for being part of our family and if you attended the Summit as presenter, volunteer, or participant, please take a moment to fill out this quick 10 minute survey.

There’s a lot coming up Summit-wise, so stay tuned and THANK YOU!

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The Sisterhood Summit Schedule!

October 22, 2013 1 note Reblog

Here it is, the Sisterhood Summit Schedule! Everything you need to know about the day including location, directions, workshops, and there are lots of links included. This will help you figure out what you want to participate in and what time you want to attend.

Perhaps you are interested in the morning, afternoon, or full-day of workshops? The choice is all yours!

Still haven’t registered? Spaces are filling up, make sure you are on the list. Register now!

We Have 2, Yes 2, Summit Chats on Twitter This Week — Tasty Keish and Dr. Kyra Gaunt!

October 22, 2013 5 notes Reblog

Join us on Wednesday night @ 8pm, as we chat with Keisha Dutes, AKA Tasty Keish, media personality and host of her fab show TK in the AM as she shares more info about the workshop she’s facilitating:

Person and the Personality: Being the face of your Brand

Doing your business online means your business is on display for the world to see. How do you maintain professionalism and still have your own life? How do you deal with the “haters”? Can you be your authentic self and still spread your message?

Evita Robinson: Nomadness Travel Group & web series.
Janna Zinzi: Swirl PR  & Brown Girls Burlesque!
Tanya Fields: The BLK Projek

On Thursday, our keynote speaker, Dr. Kyra Gaunt, will be joining us at 8pm to chat about her presentation:

The Power is in Your Hand, Grrlfriend: Mobile Tech & mLearning to Secure Our Selves & Our Hoods

Youth are tethered to technology. For black girls, the insecurity of a sedentary lifestyle and sexist hip-hop videos contributes to obesity, unwanted pregnancies, poor problem-solving and vulnerability to the threats of sexual abuse. This workshop, Dr. Gaunt introduces a mobile learning project called Cookies in the Hood to help girls/women get fit in hostile environments. Bring your mobile phone to learn how to hack, track, disrupt and secure your labiahood, adulthood and neighborhood.

Follow us on Twitter and keep up with the hashtags #BGPSummitChat and #BGPSS13.

You Don’t Want Your Niece, Daughter, Mentee, Lil’ Cousin To Miss This!!

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Here’s a sample of one of awesome workshops coming up this Saturday at the 2013 Sisterhood Summit!

How Can My Big Mouth Change The World: A Panel Discussion on the Power of Blogging [Youth Workshop]

Facilitated by Kara Stevens

Black women run things on the web. Whether it be through tweeting, blogging, and “liking”, black women are digital divas-using their words to make the world a better for black girls and women in this world.

On this panel, these “digital media mavens”  share their passion for social change and how they use social media to advocate for girl power and promote positive images of black women and girls.

Kitty Bradshaw of
Alexis Stodghill of The
Abiola Abrams of
Nana Brew Hammond - blogger, journalist, and author of Powder Necklace
Kara Stevens of Fabulous N’
You know this panel is going to be amazing! Don’t wait until Friday to register, there may not be a space! And if you have registered, awesome!

Join us This Thursday for Summit Chat

October 15, 2013 2 notes Reblog

With the Sisterhood Summit just a week and a half away, we’ll be chatting it up on Twitter this Thursday from 8 to 8:30pm with Lenee of Hip Hop is for Lovers.

Lenee and her partner Uche will lead a workshop titled, Digital Representations of Black Women’s Bodies: Sextin’, Yankin’, and Twerkin’ for our youth track. Here’s the workshop description:

What does it mean, as a Black woman or girl, to produce and/ or see representations of your body? Is there power in producing images of yourself for public consumption?

In a group discussion, Summit attendees will discuss and examine media including but not limited to Twerk Team videos, the creation/ usage of selfies, Schoolboy Q’s song “Sexting,” and music videos “Yankin’” (Lady) and “Poetic Justice” (Kendrick Lamar). In this space, participants can explore themes common to each type of media.

To get in on the chat, follow us on Twitter and if you have questions for Lenee, submit them to us! The hashtags for the chat are #BGPSS13 and #BGPSummitChat

All You Wanted to Know About the Sisterhood Summit

October 10, 2013 4 notes Reblog

Tonight’s Twitter chat at 8pm will be a bit different. We’ve received some questions from folks and have decided to use our 30 minutes to put this info out to the general public. Join us from 8-8:30 to learn more.

To get in on the chat, follow us on Twitter and if you have questions, submit them to us! The hashtags for the chat are #BGPSS13 and #BGPSummitChat

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Here's What Past Participants Had To Say!

This was great, I can't wait to come back next year and bring some friends!

Stephanie R., Bronx, NY

This was a life changing day for me!! Thank you so much!

Tionna M., Brooklyn, NY

I really enjoyed being a presenter. The young women were great!

Alana B., Harlem

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